Tuition & Scholarships

For specific questions regarding current tuition rates, scholarships, tuition assistance, or tuition tax credits, please call our Principal, Mr. E. John Fredrich,  at 623-937-2010, extension 302.

Grace Lutheran Church subsidizes a little over $1,000 toward the cost of education for every child that attends Grace Lutheran School.  Our school has been a ministry of our congregation since 1927.

We partner with Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization for Arizona tuition tax credit scholarships.  Parents can get more information about that program and apply online at www.acsto.orgMore information below.  We encourage all of our parents to also donate to this program (you may NOT designate your own dependent).  There are many other Tuition Tax Credit Organizations that you may submit applications for Scholarships – please click here for a PDF list with email addresses and basic information.







The Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (“ACTSO”)  allows you to direct your tuition tax credit donation to Grace or other area Lutheran schools.

You may donate up to $1067 (individual) or $2,134 (married couple) to ACSTO and they will award it as a tuition scholarship to a child. Using Tax Form 323, you can claim $1067 (individual) or $2,134 (married couple) as a tax credit. When donating to an eligible STO you can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state income taxes. Visit the ACSTO website for more information, to apply for scholarships, or to make a donation.

Maximums for 2016:
Filing Status Original Tax Credit Overflow/PLUS Tax Credit Total
Single Taxpayer $545 $542 $1087
Married Couple $1090 $1083 $2173

Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization
PO Box 6580
Chandler, AZ 85246

Phone: 480-820-0403
Fax: 480-820-2027

2016 Donation Brochure


FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment

Families seeking additional tuition assistance from Grace must apply directly through FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment. A non-refundable application fee must accompany the application.  Assistance comes from Grace Lutheran Church and not from FACTS.  FACTS only analyzes financial needs and reports to Grace.  First grants will be made at the end of April. If additional funds are available, there will be another grant made in June. Grant and Aid Assessment –

Sponsor Our Students

SOS is an opportunity for those who would like to donate to our tuition assistance fund. SOS is set-up so that you can either recommend a specific child or donate to an undesignated fund and we will make sure that your donation goes to a needy Grace family.  With a large number of tuition assistance requests, we would like to help as many families receive a Christ-centered education as possible.  SOS donation 2017