Preschool Curriculum


Educational Curriculum:

With academic teaching materials and artistic projects, our teachers provide a balanced, developmentally appropriate learning plan that encompasses the following:

  • alphabet and number recognition,
  • mathematical skills,
  • phonics and reading,
  • social development,
  • physical development and
  • science plus
  • music and art.

The Components of our Pre-K Learning Curriculum:

Your child will benefit from the learning methodology based on the High Scope curriculum. The following daily activities as prescribed by the High Scope Curriculum will make the most of your child’s creative and intellectual development:

Bible Story – a time to learn of Jesus and God’s saving grace through daily devotions, prayers, Bible lessons and Bible verses.  The children are also invited to sing in designated church services throughout the year including a Children’s Christmas Service.

Circle Time – a time where children sit together and participate in activities related to the weekly themes including songs, finger play, story books, action rhymes, and stories with flannel board illustrations all designed to spur creativity and enhance their imagination.

Bean Table – From the small motor skill of scooping to the science and math skill of measuring, the bean table encourages experimentation and curiosity.

Handwriting Table – cutting, coloring, tracing, gluing and more!  This table is designed to strengthen small muscles for writing and builds your child’s left to right eye and hand to eye coordination.

Creative Art – open-ended projects such as painting and picture collages encourage their imagination.

Outside Games and Activities – no child should be cooped up indoors all day! Outdoor activities help children explore the wonders of nature and enjoy the benefits of structured physical play.

Play dough Table– a place for your child to create and to build small motor skills essential for handwriting

Block Area– an area with multiple sizes and types of blocks for building and creating.  It is a wonderful area for learning the scientific skills of gravity and balance, as well as the social skills of cooperation and team work.

Manipulative and other Toys– an area to imagine and create, also building social skills of sharing, taking turns, and cooperation

Housekeeping Area– an area to pretend and imagine, share and cooperate

Small Table Time– This time is intentionally planned and teacher directed to work on specific skills and knowledge for future academic success.


Religious Curriculum

Lambs of Grace Preschool is an extension of Grace Lutheran Church and School, created to share God’s Word and love with your young child.  It is our prayer that through our preschool, Jesus will become your child’s Best Friend.  May Jesus stay that Best Friend throughout your child’s life!  We are here to direct your child to follow in Jesus’ footsteps by helping your child to:

Develop a sense of trust

Realize their need for God’s love

Know Jesus as their personal Savior

Respond to God’s love in their lives

Feel secure in God’s love and care

See themselves as God’s children


The environment in which learning takes place is also important to the development of your child.

At Lambs of Grace Preschool, your child will feel secure and flourish in the atmosphere of safety, supervision, cooperation, sharing, respect, honesty and positive reinforcement practiced at our preschool. Behavioral correction is part of your child’s learning process. At Lambs of Grace Preschool, we believe discipline does not have to be traumatic. Inappropriate behavior is addressed with loving yet firm practices such as time-outs or loss of privileges. We are sure you will agree that our methods will assist you in preparing your children for the responsibilities and goals they will undertake to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

For pricing and to schedule a tour of a facility, click on the link below. When you arrive, you’ll witness the positive impact our teachers and our curriculum have on the development of our students.

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