Our Staff

The wonderful staff at Grace works diligently to provide for the spiritual growth of everyone at Grace.
Feel free to use the links or phone numbers below to contact us.

Pastor David R. Clark
623-937-2010 x303
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Pastor Mark Jacobson
623-937-2010 x321
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Vicar Joel Hering
623-937-2010 x313
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Debbie Petersen
Office Manager
623-937-2010 x322
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Alice Thiesfeldt
623-937-2010 x301
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E. John Fredrich
623-937-2010 x302
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Terry Greening | Bio
7th & 8th Grades
623-937-2010 x312
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Kim Buchholz | Bio
5th & 6th Grades
623-937-2010 x323
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Stacey Hill | Bio
4th Grade
623-937-2010 x315
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Debra Tennessen | Bio
3rd Grade
623-937-2010 x316
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Jan Musser | Bio
1st & 2nd Grades
623-937-2010 x310
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Jessica Neumann | Bio
Kindergarten & Special Resources
623-937-2010 x308
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Barb Rubin | Bio
Preschool Director &
Preschool Teacher (3-yr-olds)
623-937-2010 x319
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Shawna Tech | Bio
Preschool Teacher (4-yr-olds)
623-937-2010 x319
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Amy Unkefer
Band Director/Instructor

Janet Brussman
Extended Care Supervisor

Debbie Sonntag
Classroom Aide


Julia Haeuszer
Classroom Aide



Ken Bottcher
Classroom Aide